Great Ways to Save the Next Time you Book Your Holiday

A holiday should be fun, not something you would be worrying about when you get your credit card bill. With the tourism industry booming in many parts of the world, operators and service providers are all clamoring for customers, offering various deals and packages that may or may not be of great value to you.

The next time you book your holiday, make sure you get the most value for your money whilst saving some extra cash by doing the following:

Book with coupon codes.

One of the best ways to save on hotel accommodation is by using coupon codes when booking. Hotels may offer coupons for discounted daily rates or package stays directly or through third-party booking and voucher sites. Using these discount codes helps you save money because you pay less than the regular room rates. Some hotels may even include a complimentary breakfast or airport transfers with the package, letting you save more on your food and travel expenses. A major website popular with many web users is and you can get even get more off by using promotional codes and saving further!

Go for budget options during stopovers.

When you’ll just be passing through a town or city on the way to your final destination, you can save money by staying in inexpensive hotels or B&Bs instead of a luxury resort. There are many family-run inns, guest houses, hostels and budget hotels that provide the basic room necessities that let you rest before continuing on with the rest of your journey without your stay becoming a major expense.

cheap restaurants

Explore local food haunts.

Speaking of food, it’s all too common to find overpriced items on a hotel restaurant’s menu. You can get better prices on meals elsewhere–by venturing out, you will also get to explore more of the local culture and have a taste of a city’s culinary offerings. Do a search online or ask locals about family-owned restaurants and cafes for a more immersive and budget-friendly holiday.

Staying long? Rent an apartment.

If you’re a large group and intend to stay in one place for more than a week, it would be more economical to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. If you don’t need room service, a concierge and other hotel amenities, a furnished apartment would be the ideal accommodation option.

A furnished apartment with a kitchen lets you prepare your own meals (or reheat them), saving you the cost of dining out every time. Apartment rentals also cost a lot less than the price of a hotel room on a per-person basis.

Sign up for free tours.

Some sightseeing tours may already come with your holiday package, while others may not. If you want to save money, check out free walking tours in the city or town you’re going to and sign up in advance. Some tour companies even offer discounts on paid tours when you sign up for the free tour. Even if they’re free, these tours are a great way to see the city’s famous landmarks, learn about its history and culture and even get local insights you probably won’t read from a guide book. With free tours, you not only get to save money whilst learning, you’ll meet a lot of cool new people too!